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THIS is the way to LIVE better for LONGER

First Step

Before we design your individual program, we want to know if/how we can help you & if we are a good fit for each other (it’s just as important that you feel comfortable & like us), therefore our Complimentary Discovery Call is our starting point.

If this feels great, we will then book an Initial Movement Assessment, which allows us to see how you move & feel during the movements.

We are focused on you as the individual person, even within our small group environment. We bridge the gap between your current health & fitness levels & where you want to be, highest goals & what your ideal successful, healthy lifestyle looks like. We are here to support & guide you to optimal health despite injuries, ageing & a busy life. 

A common debate we hear is ‘Which training style is better. Is it functional training, yoga, cross-fit, high intensity?’

Truth; Every training modality yields unique benefits. Thus, an all-inclusive approach to programming may be most effective. Well, at least if you are looking for sustainability, resilience, ageing well and injury prevention.

We have a unique framework to incorporate 4 key specific training/movement foundations. Through this we create variability & resilience while targeting not just the muscular system, but the myofascial/connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, brain, neurological, neuromuscular, emotional – the WHOLE person.

  • Never been to a gym? Perfect, we are here to support you every time!
  • Not excited to drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill? Awesome, you won’t find a cluttered machinery loaded studio here, lot’s of space for actual MOVING!
  • Nervous of the big groups & typical high intensity at regular gyms? Great no big groups here & all sessions are personalised for YOU, your goals, needs & wants!
  • No idea what you’re doing when it comes to exercise? You have a coach 100% of the time designing & modifying exercises & supporting you.
  • Bored with your current workouts? We can guarantee you haven’t tried ALOT of the exercises we create here!
  • Want to Move Better, Feel better, Age better & Live better?
  • Have an injury & not sure what you can do – We can help! We have a deep understanding of the human body & amazing Health Pro’s we can refer to for extra support
  • We design your sessions for these & more – So you walk out feeling energized, uplifted & inspired, feeling better than when you came in every time!

Membership Options

All of our membership options give your access to our Private Educational Platform in App form where you can find 100’s of Health & fitness resources, home workouts, nutrition, breathing, recovery & other health support.

primal Membership
  • 3 Group classes per week
  • Your choice of classes
  • Access to expert trainers
  • State of the art equipment in airconditioned comfort
  • Water & towels supplied

$70 per week

Personal training
evolution membership
  • 2 Small Group (max 6 people) sessions per week
  • 1 Group class per week
  • Personalised programming to suit your goals & fast-track your results
  • Bi-monthly goal setting & review
  • Active tracking with your coach & weekly text check-in for accountability.

$100 per week

Metabolic Conditioning & Functional Strength
quantum membership
  • 2-3 One-on-one Personalised training sessions (per week) with carefully curated program design to enhance & fast-track your health & fitness goals.
  • 1 Group class per week
  • Weekly text check-in & coach support.
  • Bi-monthly goal setting & review, active tracking with your coach & weekly text check-in for accountability.

Option 1 – 2 PT & 1 group $210
Option 2 – 3 PT & 1 group $290