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We understand how crazy busy life can be (trust us juggling 3 high energy young boys, activities, business) which can make prioritising health challenging. If we add all the conflicting information available at our finger tips, it’s no wonder the level of stress & frustration is on the edge. All of this + more leads to making quick, unhealthy choices, lack of motivation, giving up or worse frozen with indecision & confusion. 

How do we know? Because we are humans too & we’ve been there. This is why our MISSION is to SIMPLIFY HEALTH & FITNESS so that everyone can enjoy thriving through life not just surviving.

At EvoPrime Fitness we are committed to delivering the highest quality health plans based on:

  • your living environment 
  • your individual goals 
  • Your time availability

Meet the Team

Ashlee Lade

Pregnancy & Post Natal Specialist, Institute of Motion LII Health Coach, Personal Trainer
A Health Coach, Educator & Personal Trainer specialising in Womens health, Pregnancy & Post natal, owner here at EvoPrime Health & Fitness a Personalised boutique health & fitness studio that focuses on exercising for Vitality & longevity, high performance for REAL LIFE. Most important Wife & Mum of 3 young busy boys. 
After realising the lack of support post baby #1 & returning to exercise with proper healing, she began a trajectory into empowering womens health & healing. She is deeply passionate about supporting & educating on holistic approach to health & wellness in a sustainable way for busy women.

Matt Lade

Institute of Motion LII Coach | ViPR Certified
After years of playing and training in rugby league my body start to fall apart with a broke ankle, torn ligaments, numerous soft tissue injuries and bulging discs. I had my fair share of injuries and not a clue how to recovery properly except for rest and ice.
Something had to change if I was going to keep playing past my late 20’s or even being able to walk, run and get off the ground pain free later in life. I started to prioritise health first before I dived into the fitness. I am now pain free and feeling in the best shape in my life.
So let me ask you; what’s wrong with performance for longevity?! Change the way we live and train with movement variability.

Training Philosophy

The movement demands in life and sport are specific, yet variable. Our body & mind has to adapt to strong, powerful and skilled motions which are instinctive and reactive. “Variability” and “dosage” are the keywords to achieving an unbreakable resilient body and well-functioning human being.

The movement strategies we use are based on an understanding that different physical strategies can optimise each system in our body and ultimately our health and how we perform be it at home, in the gym or as an athlete.

We are passionate about empowering you to control your health by addressing movement, healthy eating & stress control and sleep, which lead to sustainable and preventative healthcare. 

For us, it is important to not only show you what to do in the gym but also empower you to implement practical self-care sytrategies in your life outside our doors. Once you understand this you will be well armed to control your own health and we will be always by your side to guide you through that journey.