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2024 evo class schedule

Stamina is a cutting-edge, comprehensive workout designed to elevate your endurance, longevity, build functional strength, and promote overall well-being. Through our unique 4 quadrant (4Q) framework, we target muscles, bones, joints, nervous system, cognitive function, fascial/connective tissue, and hormones for an efficient, resilient, and holistic approach to fitness.

“Foundations: Building Blocks for a Healthy Life”
Embark on your fitness journey with with the best start possible! This essential class is designed for all new members, providing a fundamental understanding of key movements for life and exercise. Through a meticulous focus on form, posture, alignment, and strategies for optimal physical and mental health, participants lay the groundwork for a lifetime of sustainable wellness. Here you’ll receive support & personal attention to correct or enhance whole body movement & form.

Step into the dynamic realm of “Vitality” a class meticulously designed to invigorate your life strength, enhance mobility, and elevate your overall vitality. Rooted in our distinctive 4Q framework, this circuit-style workout blends variable movements, whole-body strength, body weight exercises, and strategic timing to challenge both cognitive function and heart rate, providing a holistic approach to real life physical & mental fitness & resilience.

“Active Recovery for Real Life Peak Performance”
Indulge in the rejuvenating experience of “Longevity,” our active recovery class is expertly designed using world renowned & whole human recovery techniques to optimize your body for real-life activities, prevent injuries, and elevate both mental and physical peak performance. 

This class goes beyond traditional recovery methods, incorporating a variety of strategies, including trigger point therapy, vibration, fascial manoeuvers, and a blend of loaded and unloaded mobility exercises.

Elevate your athletic advantage with “Performance Mastery,” a class that transcends conventional performance sessions. This dynamic class covers a spectrum of performance-based themes, including Power, Strength, Agility, and Speed. 

Unleash your full potential with our unique signature framework, introducing variability for specificity that propels you leaps and bounds beyond typical performance training. 

Whether you’re ready for a challenge or aiming to enhance your athletic performance in any sport, this class is your gateway to surpassing competitors.

Immerse yourself in the art of movement with our “Flow Fusion” class, where loaded and unloaded flow sessions seamlessly weave a series of movements into captivating sequences. Throughout the class, you’ll learn and master individual movements, culminating in the creation of a fluid, dynamic flow by the session’s end. This unique and surprising workout not only challenges cognitive function but also enhances whole-body movement quality, providing a fun and engaging experience.

Ignite your metabolism and cultivate a healthy heart with MetCon, our specialized metabolic conditioning class. Designed to optimize heart rate variability, this class employs strategic timings for recovery and exercises, ensuring a dynamic workout that not only enhances cardiovascular health but also contributes to overall well-being.

Embrace the golden years with our specially curated class, “Golden Oldies,” designed to support ageing better through movement mastery. This class places a spotlight on essential foundations for seniors, including balance, stability, ground-to-stand transitions, and the enhancement of movement quality. Join us for a session tailored to promote longevity, functional independence, and a vibrant approach to ageing gracefully.

Empower yourself with our “Healthy Mummy” class, a unique fitness experience designed to integrate pelvic floor health seamlessly into movement and daily life. Catering to the variability of strength demanded by Mum Life, this class welcomes you to bring your baby along, creating a supportive community for mothers at every stage of their journey.

Discover the profound impact of intentional breathwork with our class, “Breathwork” Immerse yourself in a transformative experience as we guide you through various breathwork strategies, including the powerful Wim Hof method. This class culminates in a soothing meditation, creating a harmonious journey that enhances vitality, mental clarity, and overall well-being.
Please note Not included in Membership, but only $5 & sponsored by the Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network