Happy Client Testimonials

The Best

I have been going to EvoPrime Fitness for bearly 2 years and my strength and movement have improved. The programs are tailored to me and can be changed and adapted to how I am feeling at the time.
The biggest help has been is it has reduced the visits to the Physio & the small classes allow a lot more one on one coaching
Paul P
Salt Lake City, UT

Great experience

with the team at EvoPrime Fitness! They are passionate about helping their clients live a healthy lifestyle and provide them with the tools to continually adapt health and fitness to suit your needs. Can’t recommend enough.
Stephanie Gale

Communication, Professionalism

The team at EvoPrime fitness are outstanding! So many areas of fitness covered with such professionalism. Highly recommend.
Shelby Rowe

Thanks Matt & Ash 

Since attending EvoPrime my fitness has improved drastically. My body feels great & I’m waking up in the mornings energised
Micheal G

And, 16 months in, it is working!!!

When I decided that I needed to improve my health and fitness, I approached Evo Prime. There, I have a personal trainer, Ashlee or Matt, to create my individual monthly fitness program and oversee my progress in a small intimate class of 6. As I am not disciplined to just turn up to a gym, having set class times with regular class mates, now friends, has me very keen to stay on track with my health goals.

By the end of the class, it felt as good as new 

I recently hurt my shoulder and luckily had a class with Ash the day after. She helped to release the tension with the massage gun and showed me trigger point exercises and stretches in class and to continue at home.
Lara k

EvoPrime Fitness is a not just a workout, but a way of life

EvoPrime Fitness is a not just a workout, but a way of life. Matt & Ash provide a personalised training program and have the knowledge and skills to educate and help you to transform your health.
Kay K

Evo Prime is the best!

Matt and Ash create a fantastic training environment. Professional, friendly and enjoyable.
I can highly recommend their training philosophy and positive attitude to anyone looking to improve their fitness and flexibility.
Des W

It’s with gratitude and thanks to you Ashlee & Matt having the confidence and courage to take on a geriatric problem as such as myself into your “EvoPrime” family. You both have gone above & beyond to nurture, guide, & challenge me into an exercise program appropriate to my needs. I have never seen such a commitment to a community and a passion such as you both have to improve people’s health and well-being, ever learning & gladly passing on your knowledge. With thanks and sincerest good wishes for a lifetime of happiness. 
Janelle C